Machine Parts & Accessories

In addition PUL-A-PUMP®offers several optional accessories to help assist you with removal and install of systems.


Our machine options include the following:

  • Winch Unit – The winch is used as an assist to dislodge or reset your well seal or pitless adapter. It is equipped with an automatic brake system & will hold a 1000 pound load when the winch handle is released. The handle turns clockwise or counter-clockwise to raise or lower the load. The winch plate has three, 1″ pipe threaded holes, which the 4-foot-long aluminum poles are placed. The winch assembly rests atop the PUL-A-PUMP® machine utilizing the two baseplate pins and one locking support tube for stability
  • Overhead Guide – For use when removing threaded ridged PVC plastic to keep the pipe vertical while separating individual lengths of pipe.
  • Traction Belt Sizes – Standard belt is a 1 pipe size. Larger & smaller sizes can be purchased at additional cost & lead time. Please note that switching belt sizes is a complete machine assembly process & is time consuming process.
  • Well Mounts - Every machine is supplied with one mount at your choice of size from 4” external to 8” internal and many sizes in-between. Additional mounts can be purchased at any time.
  • Leg Kit - Option for 1692A machine to allow free standing over well if well adapter/mount can not be used.


Our water well machine model tools include a well mount, pendant switch, and power supply cord. Other optional equipment includes overhead guide, winch system, 26 leg kit and additional well mounts.