The 1692ALM model is the ideal pump puller for those warmer climate areas, such as Florida; Texas, Arizona and California where wellhead discharge setups above-grade are common. The ALM is also the ideal machine for test and experimental wells used in mining and environmental monitoring. With its unique design the machine can easily be removed while the down pipe exiting the top of the hole can remain in place.

Our ALM model has a smaller foot print with the base plate of the machine measuring 25-1/4” by 20-1/4” (plus the removable handle). With detachable 10” flat free caster wheels, the PUL-A-PUMP® provides smooth transportation over rough terrain to and from the job site.

The 1692ALM well mounting system with adjustable legs gives you the added ability to adjust the height of the machine up to 24” above grade without the need for blocking. With our casing clamping system the machine is securely held in place by 3 locking bolts engaging the casing in a triangular pattern.


Features on the ALM model include:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Detachable 10″ pneumatic caster wheels
  • Designed for use with four adjustable leveling legs
  • The open design of the baseplate well mount will adapt from 4″ to 6″ well casings
  • Clamps around the well casing on three sides
  • Fourth side of the well casing is completely open, which allows the water pipe connection to remain clear
  • Slide up against or away from the well casing
  • Also sets up on 4″, 5″ and 6″ snappy type clear pass pitless adapters
  • Three thumb screws attach against the well casing just under the bottom of the well cap, centering and clamping the PUL-A-PUMP® to the casing for upmost stability

Applications for machine include:

  • Domestic and commercial water pump installation and removal
  • Geothermal pipe installation
  • Fiber optic cable installation
  • Horizontal pushing or pulling of ridged and flexible pipe, tubing or cable in varying sizes
  • Flat pipe vertical installation & removal