How deep of a well can I pull?

The machine is rated to pull 700 LBS, which means you can roughly pull 600 feet of 1 PVC plastic pipe & 240′ of 1″ GALVANIZED steel pipe. Many factors go into how much pull the machine can achieve; this is an estimate only.

Why would I want an ALM over the A model?

If you are in an area where code has the pump discharge out the top of the casing above grade, the ALM is the preferred choice. The A model is designed for pitless adapters & side taps.

Should I buy a machine as a homeowner?

The machine is geared for contractors; however, if you have multiple wells to maintain such as on a large farm or ranch, the PUL-A-PUMP® may be a very valuable tool.

Do you sell used machines?

We do not sell any used machines; our machines go into the field & last for generations.

Can I rent a machine from you?

At this time, we do not offer rentals.

Where can I purchase a machine?

PUL-A-PUMP® manufactures all machines in Coudersport, PA. Machine sales are directly through this facility and are shipped around the globe.